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Ferric Chloride Hexahydrate

Ferric chloride hexahydrate is a chemical compound with FeCl3 formula, 1,82 g/cm3 density, 920 g/L (20 ºC) water solubility and high stability. It finds usage in industries, laboratories and other applications. In industries, it can be used as a mordant in dyeing and printing textiles, as a flocculant in water treatment plants, as an etchant in electricity industry as well as in chlorination of silver and copper ores. It also makes an essential ingredients in the making of pigments and ink. The other industrial applications of ferric chloride hexahydrate are photoengraving and photography. It is available in packing of 100g, 500g, 1 kg and more on client's demand.

Essential Points:

  • It is also called iron (III) chloride.
  • The appearance of this chemical compound differs in transmitted and reflected light.
  • An important feature of Iron (III) chloride is low melting point.
  • It is recommended to use it carefully, as it is acidic and highly corrosive.


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