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Water Treatment Chemicals

Water Treatment Chemicals are widely used in filtration systems to treat waste water. A wide range of industries make use of this substance.These chemicals are very affordable and readily available in large quantities for low prices. These chemicals kills bacteria, viruses, and germs in water to keep the population healthy.

Industrial Chemical

Industrial Chemical are employed in cleaning, disinfecting, operating machinery, treating disease, and fertilizing. They are clinically checked on various industry set parameters to ensure their high quality and excellent performance. These chemical are used for naturally occurring chemicals with an industrial use. Radioactive chemicals are not included in these type of chemicals.


Acids are also used as an electrolyte in cell batteries. Our offered products are also use in various industries for performing various tasks. They are very effective and safe to use. These products should handle with care and are widely used by people in the market.

Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric Acid is widely used to lower the pH and treat wastewater so that it can be turned into pure water. This chemical can also be used to get rid of scale. In nature, this chemical is extremely economical.In addition to being completely risk-free, this chemical is extremely efficient as well.

Ferric Chloride Anhydrous

Ferric Chloride Anhydrous is used for treating the waste water and providing you with the clean water. Our chemical is good to use and safe too. Water treatment, water purification, water etching as well as other chemical production, use this chemical. This is very cost effective to use.

Hydrochloric Acid AR Grade

Hydrochloric Acid AR Grade is a strong acid which is highly corrosive in nature. This chemical is mainly found naturally in gastric acid. This acid is used in chemical industry in form of chemical reagent for production of various products. This acid also has many other applications in different industries.

Dilute HCL is a type of industrial chemical which is used in the production and manufacturing of the batteries, fireworks, and photo flash bulbs. This chemical is very easy to use and simple to handle. This chemical is easily available in the market for our customers. Our chemical is also used in oil well acidizing and producing gelatin products.